You should never ever keep a secret before your general practitioner or family doctor, that you are using erectile pills such as Levitra to cure erectile dysfunction. These pills are not dangerous in general, but they might be hazardous at least when you are combining them with other medicament and drugs. You should always, when a doctor is prescribing to you a new medicine, remind him, that you are also using erectile pills. He should always confirm whether you can or cannot use erectile pills with the described medicament. You are putting yourself at a stake since you are not the right man to decide whether it’s safe or not to combine. A little checking never hurts, and you might even prevent certain unpleasant results.

At home

Always check the back information on every package. There has never been reported a case, where these medicaments would harm a man’s body alone. The most cases are always caused by the consumer’s reckless behavior with the medicament, even though he has been warned. If you have any suspicion that you have a severe reaction, always see your nearest doctor.